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I am still busy working!

This is one of my pupils creations in needlework.

We have worked with fantasy needlefelted birds. When all the pupils had finished their birds we took pictures of these wonderful creations at the nearby stream and nature. 

Isn’t this bird just cute? I wanted to insert all the photos of my pupils birds but I have 32 pupils…


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Working like crazy…


I am working like crazy. At school we are finishing an EU project about the senses and Danish nature. The photo is one of my pupil’s photos. We are printing the different photos on fabric and adding insects on the photos. It is a great deal of work and I am also finishing another EU project with needlefelted birds. And then I am also busy getting ready for next school year. All this and no time for crafting or sewing any TILDA softies. I am longing to sit at the sewing machine and just sew away….

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Tilda Country Girl








Tilda Country Girl.






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One day I asked my son to pick my next project from any of my Tilda books. He chose this Teddy bear/softie and even chose the fabrics.






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Going to the beach

Even though it is spring the temperature in Denmark has been like summer.

It is some time that I made this beach girl but I haven’t taken her picture before now because the sunny weather inspired me. I took her picture in the shadow.

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Where’s the cow?








This Tilda girl i made as a copy of the Tilda Country Girl for scrapbooking. I couldn’t get wellingtons so she got glogs instead.





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