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The Christmas girl waited for her boyfriend…

I made the girl the other day and then had to make her a friend.


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A frog to poke

When my niece saw a frog real close up for the first time she poked it in the eye. The frog jumped and she got a fright. Of course her aunt Lene (that’s me) had to  make her a frog softie. Doesn’t it look like the frog is saying: “Please don’t poke me in my eyes!”?

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I just had to make one more owl handbag.

This one is made 20 % smaller.


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I made this Christmas girl from the pattern to “Sweet Country Girl”.

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More owls

In my search for owl inspiration I found these cute owls.

It was a free pattern and turorial!

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My niece is at the moment fascinated by owls (and birds in general) and I wanted to make a little handbag for her with an owl motif. I looked for inspiration on the internet and found some beautiful owl handbags sewn by a designer in Edinburg. But the handbags were too big so I decided to sew one myself.

When I had sewn the owl handbag I found it so easy and funny that I had to make one more…





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My cat LOVES watermelon. When I eat watermelon he gets crazy and won’t leave me alone until he gets his share of the watermelon. He also loves to eat corn, cucumber (that’s his absolut favourite), potatoes and mushrooms. He would leave a plate of tuna to eat any of the above mentioned vegetables. Sometimes I wonder if he is a rabbit in disguise?!

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