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I just had to make these felt Christmas puddings.

I like this Christmas pudding the best. The design is from Oldeglory.co.uk


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Felt cupccakes

I made these felt cupcakes for a charity event. I hope that my dear friend Jane, from Carrbridge in Scotland, will sell these for me and give money to charity.


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My youngest cat fell asleep in the middle of the felt that I had left for later use

…. just a bad excuse for not tidying up my own craft mess.

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Tilda Kangaroo

I made this Tilda Kangaroo some days ago. I had the original fabrics except for the ribbon. My son suggested that I used a rasberry red ribbon and made the heart  in the same colour.

I am not happy with the result. I think the kangaroo looks naked in that fabric colour. If I am ever going to make one again I will use brown fabric for the kangaroos.

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I made these felt acorns and oak leaves for decorating an Autumn table.

I was inspired by Betz White. (sorry I forgot her webpage) 


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The New Tilda Angel

I liked sewing this new Tilda angel though the sewing instructions from the sewing kit were incorrect. Making the top look like the photo was a bit tricky. This Tilda angel is rather large. She is 63 cm long. I think I will make a smaller version of her… when I have finished some of my other projects….

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The New Tilda Santa

I finally found time to sew the new Tilda Santa design. I cheated with the embroidery on the jacket.

I used the sewing machine and I have regreted it!

On the Christmas stocking I didn’t embroider the letter N because in Denmark the letter N for Noél is not that common and I prefered the motif that I have embroidered.

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