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Tilda Cupcakes For Vigga


My niece, Vigga, loves to play with food – play food – so I have made these Tilda cupcakes for her. Indstead of the red berry on top of each cupcake I have sewn and glued a felt ball on. I am afraid that she might try to eat the red berries so therefor I replaced them with the felt balls. But I have asked my sister (Vigga’s mother) to keep an eye on Vigga not eating the felt balls. I can’t remember how toddlers “work”. My son is 10 years old and I have already forgotten all about toddlers! Well I can’t wait to see my niece at her birthday. She lives in Copenhagen and we live in South-West Jutland – really far away or at least that is how it feels.


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Tilda Reindeer


I have made this Tilda hobbyhorse/reindeer for my niece, Vigga. She turns two on the 2nd of December. I haven’t decorated the reindeer with the red berries as suggested in the pattern because I am afraid that she might eat them. Maybe I will sew on a cute bow instead of the red berries?

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Tilda Mittens


Red Tilda mittens.

I have made these mittens in fleece and not wool felt as suggested in the book: Tildas julehus.

And they were so easy to sew that I made two more pairs of mittens but not with the yo-yo decoration.

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I have knitted and felted these three handbags some time ago.


The purple one I have worked on while sitting on a bench

at my favourite little forest lake with a cup of tea and this beautiful view.

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I know two nice little girls that I had to make the toothfairies for. I can’t wait untill my niece gets old enough and starts loosing her milk/baby teeth but fortunately I know of these two nice girls that could use the toothfairies. I saw the toothfairies on www.lucykatecrafts.com (that is a blog worth visiting).

The toothfairies work this way: you put the milk/baby tooth in the pocket of the fairy, give her a little gentle shake (I have sewn a golden bell on the back of the toothfairy) and the next day you will find a coin in the pocket. Yes, it really works.



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Christmas Table Runner


From all the Christmas fabrics I received from a kind lady I made her this table runner. She is no longer able to make Christmas crafts herself so I thought it would be nice for her to have this table runner made from her own fabrics. It has been 11-12 years since I have sewn any patchwork and that shows if you look closer… so please don’t. Most important is that the table runner is made with love.

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Some time ago I made this Purple Tilda Witch but I have been a bad blogger and have just posted the photo now. I did post the photo on the Tilda Addict blog on the day of Halloween. I knitted the Tilda witch some socks but I do need a sock knitting lesson because the socks are not knitted the proper way.


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