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A Baby Elephant


I have been busy helping my neighbor getting ready for the christening of  their baby boy. They wanted an elephant theme so I came up with this elephant design. The mother and I came up with this solution for the table decorations. Notice that the napkin is folded as a diaper and when you pull the elephant up the dinner menu is revealed. It was lots of hard work to get ready for the christening but she and her husband loved the result. I am pleased because they are nice neighbors.


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Kasper & Vigga


Here is a photo of Kasper (my 10 year old son) and his cousin Vigga (a two year old charmer). They are watching the cartoon: Barbapapa. It is a stolen moment at a Christmas lunch at my parents house.

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More Yummy Cakes For Vigga


My niece, Vigga, is kind of obsessed with cakes. And in her little play oven she likes to bake cakes. So of course I had to make her some more cakes. I did make some more donuts but I have this recurrent problem with icing sugar (even the fake one). Somehow I always manage to make a mess with the icing sugar and in this case I dropped the donuts while the fake icing sugar was wet. So my niece has to settle with these felt cakes and you know what? She had fun with the cakes she got!

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Eddie & Me


I am absolutely not a dog person. I AM A CAT PERSON. I love cats but this little cute dog has captured my heart. His name is Eddie and he is my neighbor’s dog. I take Eddie out for a walk every day and we enjoy the walk in the beautiful forest.

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