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Barbapapa Bowling Set


My niece, Vigga, absolutely loves Barbapapa. So of course I had to make her something Barbapapa related. I decided to make her a Barbapapa bowling set. They are made in felt.
Vigga loved her Barbapapa figurines straight away and that made me happy.


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Friends again….


Lately my two cats fight/play rough a lot and of course that means lots of scratches. Simba (the black cat) apoloqizes for a bloody scratch he gave to Bølle (the white cat). So I think they are friends again…. until next fight.

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Winter wonderland



Beautiful winter weather. I love to go for a walk in the frosty and snowy weather.

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I have made this Tilda princess crown for my niece and a skirt in red organza with a bias strip in the same fabric as the princess crown. Unfortunately I didn’t have any pompoms for the crown but when I go to see her in Copenhagen I will bring some and glue the pompoms on the crown.

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Bunting Flags

I made these flags for my niece. I also made another one but the colours were a bit too weird so I won’t show it here on my blog.

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