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When I stayed in Copenhagen my niece got Chickepocks. Before the itching got bad she looked at me and said “there are crabs in my neck”. I suppose the begining of the out break of the Chickenpocks felt like little crabs pinching her. She says the funniest things. And when I got back home I hurried making her this felt crab with Chickenpocks…of course.


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I have just been three days in Copenhagen to visit my beautiful niece, Vigga, and of course also her parents:). To make time pass more quickly on the train to Copenhagen I made her a hair clip with a felt ladybird. I had a wonderful time playing with her. She is the cutest little girl in the world.


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Chibi-dolls for my niece




When I saw these Chibi-dolls at One Red Robin I had to make one for my niece….it ended up with two dolls.

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Yes, lately it seems that everything I make is for my niece, Vigga. You would too if you knew her. I croched a little basket for the strawberries.

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