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As Friends We Share

A long time my husband bought this armchair for him to sit in while watching the evening news but he rarely sits in the chair. My cats occupy the armchair most of the time. Though they usually take turns sleeping in the chair. This day they apparently couldn’t agree on whos turn it was. So they ended up both sleeping in the armchair at the same time.



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One day a parcel arrived. It was from my Dutch friend, Monique. We have been mailing for some time now and I consider her a dear friend of mine. We have lots of things in common. Inside the parcel was these beautiful buttons and ribbons. What a wonderful surprise.


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An Easter Bunny for Vigga



I decided to give it a go at designing an Easter bunny for my niece Vigga. This is what I came up with.


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Betz White Bunnies


 These bunnies are made from a free pattern from Betz White. I have made them of fleece and there are no button or fluffy tail because I like them this way and I want them to be baby proof (eventhough Vigga is no longer a baby…yes the bunnies are for her and one of them is for her  baby cousin).



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Tilda Tailor Dummy


From the new Tilda book I made this Tailor Dummy.

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Now I can reveal what I sent my swap partner, Estelle, in the Tilda Swap that Maaike hosted. (Maaike’s blog:www.tilda-fan.blogspot.com) I made Estelle 3 bunnies because she has the most beautiful girls. (Estelle’s blog: www.mahthyluna.canalblog.com).

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This is my absolut favorite cross-stitch ever! I love M. Sherry’s cross-stitches with (c)attitude. I got the pattern for my Birthday and I finished the cross-stitch in January. I made it twice… the first I had to redo because the red embroidery yarn came off on to the white. And that was just by stitching. So I had to buy new yarns for the cross-stitch. Now I have finished it and I am waiting to get it mounted in a nice frame.

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