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DSC02274Today I went for my daily walk in the forest with my neigbor’s dog. Yesterday I had seen a fox in the field and I hoped to see it again today. My wish came true in the most fantastic way.  I saw the fox again (I believe that it is a female and the she has pups close by) and when she noticed me she stopped. I kneeled down and sat very quiet. The fox then turned and came straight towards me. She kept coming towards me and she came as close as less than 2 meters from me. She came even closer than want you can see on the photo. I stopped taking photos because I didn’t want to experience this unique moment through a camera lens… and the dog became unsettled as the fox came closer. I believe that she would have come even closer if the dog hadn’t barked. I feel so lucky to experience things like this. I could hardly breathe from excitement. Unfortunately I have to stay away from this part of the forest because on Friday the hunting season for male deers start…. There is a group of 4 deers in the forest. One young male and three females (and a baby deer… I heard it cry for its mum yesterday). Hopefully the little male deer that I often see won’t end up on a hunter’s dinner plate.


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Red Bunting Flags

Again a little present for my niece.DSC02260

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Too Big to hide…

My youngest cat was in a playful mood and tried to hide in this shoe box. I have just bought myself a pair of walking sneakers.


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3519595640_6ac889fa54_m[1]This is my niece Vigga. She is the cutest little girl.

And that is why I can’t stop making her stuff. The latest addition to her toy collection is these two softies (I have designed them myself).

3519654274_e9ccd7c739_m[1]This black and white cat is “Mis med de blå øjne” (The cat with the blue eyes). One of Vigga’s favorite books is “Mis med de blå øjne” and therefor I made her the main character into a softie.

3519654870_3cb2fc5546_m[1]And because Vigga really likes cats I had to make her one more cat softie.   

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