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Sew Green

I like to bring my cellphone with me when I go for my daily walks in the forest – just in case the dog should run away from me and I need to call for help. And on warm days I am not wearing any jacket with zipped pockets so I had to make myself a cellphone bag – green of course (but when I had finished it I realized that it will be difficult to find the bag in case I should loose it in the forest. Maybe I should have chosen another color? Well it was fun and easy to make, so why not make some more?!)



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Amigurumi Fun

Last Summer I swor that I would never try the art of Amigurumi again but when searching for a mouse pattern I came across a free pattern for Amigurumi mice. I wanted to make some for my niece because in her favorite childrens book  a white cat with blue eyes finds the land of many mice. I have made a cat softie for her and then decided my niece should have some mice too so I made these rainbow colored mice:


Many years ago my grandmother taught me how to crochet  and the Amigurumi was so easy and fun to make that I had to try some more: 


I had planned to make a bunch of these cute little birds but must admit I got bored and when my niece said that she would like to get  a parcel with a tiny cat in from me I found a tiny Amigurumi cat pattern: 


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My Green Shoes


It all started with a pair of green shoes… or at least that is what I tell myself. I bought these really nice green shoes. I had seen them but didn’t want to buy a pair of green shoes because “I don’t have a lot of clothes that go with green shoes!”  I tried the same shoe in other colors but I kept coming back to the green shoes. So after a couple of sleepless nights (yes shoes can do that to you) I bought my green shoes. Check out all the fabulous shoes on www.elnaturalista.com but be warned: you will fall in love!

When I came home with my new shoes I noticed that I have a lot of green clothes, a lot of green accessories and a lot of other green things/stuff  around the house. So maybe it didn’t start with a pair of green shoes?! Hmm I wonder if green is my favorite color?

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