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From Outdoor Cat To Indoor Cat


My two cats that are used to being outdoor cats, well they sleep indoors but have access to the outdoor 24/7. While building our new house we have rented a nice house but it is situated right next to a busy road. Therefor my cats have become indoor cats! They are not pleased with the situation but I am affraid to let them out so now they have a small patio (don’t know the right word but hope it is close enough). The patio is better than nothing though I have problems convincing the cats about that.

I play with my cat so they keep active and here is the result …. they get so tired afterwards. And they sleep most of the night – and so do we ;D




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A Crochet Scarf

DSC02593A crochet scarf for my niece.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo.

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Deer Oh Deer

Made this vest for my niece DSC02591

and decorated the back with a deer.



And then I made one more…


in a dusty purple color with a stitchery

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How Lucky Am I?


On my walk I came this close to a deer! I feel so lucky. The wind direction was just rigth and she didn’t notice me until I tried to get closer. I am not as agile as I thought I was. (I tried to hide in the grass by jumping from the tree I was hidding back). Of course the deer fled and I stood wandering how come I wasn’t as fast and agile as I thought I was ;D.

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Itsy Bitsy Spider

We are so busy making decisions in our house building project that I hardly can find time to go for a walk. I am making sure that the workers have freshly baked treats every day. One day after delivering cinamon rolls I decided to go for a walk. What a beautiful morning…. if you like spiders!


I AM SO AFFRAID OF SPIDERS!!!!!!!!  So it was difficult to continue my walk after seeing all those spider webs. But I maneged to put one foot infront of the other while my heart was pounding and I could hardly breathe. Semi proud of my accomplishment I returned home to make my niece a fuzzy spider. My niece LOVES spiders (can’t believe that we are related).


It took all my effort to crochet this spider! But I did it and that has to be my challenge for many years…….

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My Favorite Flower

DSC02378This is my favorite flower: peonies.

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A Surprice Parcel


Just a little surprice-parcel for my niece: A Granny Square crochet doll planket, books and some musical “things” I don’t know the name of.

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