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A magnificent sight

Need I say more….?


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5 kilos of doorstopper

I made this doorstopper because my cats keep opening the door to the bedroom at night. It doesn’t weigh 5 kilos but the cats don’t know that and they don’t even try to move it. Work accomplished!

…and again what is wrong with the fr…ing camera?

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I got these goodies from a dear friend of mine, Monique. We met online a long time ago in a joint interest of Tilda figurines and we have ever since mailed to each other. Monique made me this beautiful tea cosy and a patchworkball-keychain and enclosed some chocolate and tea. What a great friend I have. I am sending her all my love because I know that she is dealing with something not so pleasent these days.

…And what on earth happend to my camera? How come the photo turned out in so many small photos?

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Somehow my cat found a way in to my craft closet and decided to rest on my felt! Needless to say that my felt is now very hairy!!! 

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I am making this patchwork blanket for my niece, Vigga. I want to add a crochet border but don’t know how to quilt it and then add the crochet border?

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A Close Encounter

Yesterday I had the plesure of meeting this cute deer. I stood watching her for more than 30 minutes. What a beautiful sight.

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