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I have a beautiful niece called Sigrid and she was christened the second of October and I made her these two gifts. She also got a silver cross called “Dagmar-kors”.

The crochet toy-stack is from a free pattern from www.LionBrand.com and I just had to make it.

My sister asked if I would make Sigrid a Waldorf like snuggle-doll so I made my own pattern from loking at various photos. I wish I had made the eyes more round.

Finding out what to make for Sigrid was a challenge because I didn´t have much time on my hands and suddenly I found myself in a whirlpool of ideas. I reached out into blogland and asked a lady for advice. I visit her blog everyday and she is truely inspirational. Look for yourself at www.karenklarbæk.blogspot.com . Karen was kind and took time in her busy schedule to give me some ideas. Time was a problem and then a migraene kicked in so I didn’t make what Karen suggested but luckily the same ideas can be used for Christmas. I can’t reveal the ideas in case my sister checks out my blog.



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Barbie Doll Clothes

I made my niece, Vigga, a present for the day of her baby sister’s christening. I didn’t want her to feel left out so I made her this….

The crochet mushrooms are made from a free pattern provided by a really nice blog: www.tusindfryd.blogspot.com

Oh my G… I found it difficult to make the doll clothes. I have no interest in sewing clothes what so ever but I am glad that I endured the “pain” because my niece glowed with happiness.

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Hair Pulling Project

I have signed up for a flower arrangement class and it makes me pull my hair out. It is sooooooo difficult! I have dreamt of taking such a class for many many years and this fall I decided to give it a go. I will spare you for other photos of my disasterous projects…

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I found a really cute pattern for an Amigurumi animal but I wasn’t sure if I was able to make it so I started crocheting in some cotton yarn that I didn’t like – didn’t want to spend my favourite yarn on a “maybe-not” project. The result is what you can see on the photo above. Actually I decided to give it up for adoption to a thrift shop but my sister said she would love to adopt the weird looking creature.

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I have entered a GIVE AWAY at missdandylion.blogspot.com and I have never ever tried that before. Didn’t know how to…..

Give away her på bloggen!

Check out the blog – it is a great and inspiring blog at http://missdandylion.blogspot.com/

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