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What a fantastic shop!

Look what I have found! A fantastik shop – and only 15 km from where I live. ENGHUSET as the shop is called is situated in Egtved and is own by the two most lovely ladies I have ever met. Even my husband wouldn’t mind shopping there – and not only because of the two ladies ;D


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My new Christmas book


 Two weeks ago the family went for a trip to Flensborg, Germany, to do some shopping – mainly clothes for Kasper. But I managed to sneek into a book store to buy a craft book. This is the book I bought and the stars I made as soon as I got home…

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Rainbow Coloured Puff

Had an idea about crocheting a puff in rainbow coloured granny circles. Here is the result, not finished by the way. I still need to weave in the yarn ends and the crochet flower is only placed on the puff to see if it would look good or not.

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My oldest cat is not the most playful cat I know but he has a weakness: embroidery yarn/threads. I caught him stealing my embroidery yarn/threads and he totally ignored me!

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