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Tilda’s Christmas





 These are just the first of many Tilda figurines that will be leaving my craft studio over the next few weeks/months.


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A while ago I found this pattern with the half eaten gingerbread man but haven’t gotten around to making it.  Today I did! You can find the pattern here: www.elsiemarley.com

The gingerbread man and the three hearts are on their way to Scotland to a dear friend of mine, Jane Weaton. I know that she will find the gingerbread man funny because Scots have great humour.

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This is another crochet needlebook I have made from my own design.

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I have made Wenche (www.tusindfryd-blog.blogspot.com) a crochet needlebook. She wanted to pay for the needlebook but I asked her if we could make a trade… I needed some material to make a Waldorf doll. Wenche is such a great blogger but even a greater person. She send me these extra lovely things:

Thank you Wenche.

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Karen shares, in a true Christmas spirit, with us 24 nice things to make yourself for Christmas. It is in Danish. A new DIY is revealed every day and I just love her blog: www.karenklarbaeksverden.blogspot.com.

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I know that I promised not to show my “attempts” from the flower arrangement class but I can’t resist showing off these to Christmas decorations. The white one I have made for my husband’s work and the red one I made for a dear friend of mine. She didn’t ask me but I kind of forced her to take it. She gave me the candle light “holders” and the “basket” to play with at my flower arrangement class….I had told her how expensive the class was/is so she felt sorry for my at gave me these things. Poor Yvonne, I really forced her to take the Advent decoration but I think she likes it….

My own Christmas style is more simple. I like a green wrench with four candles and bows. So now I wonder why on earth I wanted to join the flower arrangement class? Maybe because making Christmas decorations is such a mystery to me and I just have to see if I could make that kind of decorations…. the conclusion is that it is way too difficult so I think I will stick to my simple Christmas and flower decorations in the future.

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Crochet needlebooks

An amazing blogger, www.karenklarbaek.blogspot.com helped me with some sewing challenges and as thank you I made her a crochet needlebook (my own design) and a cat toy with catnip and I found a pink knife for Nutella.

Karens friend also liked the crochet needlebook and asked if I would make her one. Wenche’s blog is just as amazing as Karen’s and you can find her here: www.tusindfryd-blog.blogspot.com. Wenche send me her favourite fabric and this is her crochet needlebook:

I made the crochet needlebook because I am tired of always having my crochet needles, pattern, scissor and needles in plastic bag when I am on the go. Crochet is such a nice craft when you travel.

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