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A sparkling mermaid

Vigga, my very cute niece, likes mermaids and of course I had to make her a mermaid. At first I couldn’t decide if I was going to make the mermaid of felt or give it a try to crochet a mermaid.

As you can see…I chose to crochet a mermaid. Didn’t have a pattern so I just crocheted along and here is the result. I added lots of glitter and instead of a pearl in the seashell I chose to decorate with “diamond” (Vigga LOVES diamonds).

I hope that Vigga likes the sparkling mermaid and that she is making me a nice mermaid drawing….


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Crochet Stacking Toy

Stacking toys crocheted from a www.LionBrand.com pattern.

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I am entering this GIVE AWAY at



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What the HECK happend?

These crochet needle cases are a custom order…or at least one of them is. Trine send me this beautiful fabric and when I ironed on the “volumenvlies” (couldn’t find the English word for the batting) the glue dots melted through the fabric. You might not be able to see it on the photo but I can asure you that there are plenty of ugly glue dots. I was totally in panic. I have never had that problem with “volumenvlies” before.

I decided to make Trine one more crochet needle case and hoped for the best. Trine was in her right to be angry with me but she was so nice. She didn’t get upset and even send me flowers!!!! Amazing….and she asked me to make her a knitting needle case! It is nice to know that she has faith in me.

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Crochet doll

This doll I made for a little girl (not my niece this time). I think she turned out nice. I didn’t have a pattern but just crocheted along hoping for the best.

The doll hasn’t got a name yet but I am sure that it will match her personality!

The doll brought a spring feeling into our house with her bright colours but now she is on her way to Copenhagen and I have to “settle” with the gentle spring feeling from my paper lanterns. Well I am not “settling” with anything because I love my paper lanterns that Karen Klarbæk sent me just before Christmas.

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This is another crochet needlebook I have made from my own design.

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Crochet needlebooks

An amazing blogger, www.karenklarbaek.blogspot.com helped me with some sewing challenges and as thank you I made her a crochet needlebook (my own design) and a cat toy with catnip and I found a pink knife for Nutella.

Karens friend also liked the crochet needlebook and asked if I would make her one. Wenche’s blog is just as amazing as Karen’s and you can find her here: www.tusindfryd-blog.blogspot.com. Wenche send me her favourite fabric and this is her crochet needlebook:

I made the crochet needlebook because I am tired of always having my crochet needles, pattern, scissor and needles in plastic bag when I am on the go. Crochet is such a nice craft when you travel.

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