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A while ago I found this pattern with the half eaten gingerbread man but haven’t gotten around to making it.  Today I did! You can find the pattern here: www.elsiemarley.com

The gingerbread man and the three hearts are on their way to Scotland to a dear friend of mine, Jane Weaton. I know that she will find the gingerbread man funny because Scots have great humour.


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Halloween pumpkins

I made some felt Halloween pumpkins. Some for my mother and some for two special ladies that help homeless cats – www.hittekat.dk. They do an awsome job and I am making stuff for them to sell at various markets and fairs.

These items didn’t sell but I think some Christmas ornaments will sell better.

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A few weeks ago my sister gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Her name is Sigrid and I made her an Guardian Angel. (sorry about the poor photo quality but I was in a hurry to go see her). My sister has for some time wanted a Steiner type felt angel so of course I made one for her new born baby girl.

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I wanted to make my niece, Vigga, some theatre puppets (sorry about the poor photo quality but I was in a hurry to leave for Copenhagen to see Vigga’s baby sister).

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When I stayed in Copenhagen my niece got Chickepocks. Before the itching got bad she looked at me and said “there are crabs in my neck”. I suppose the begining of the out break of the Chickenpocks felt like little crabs pinching her. She says the funniest things. And when I got back home I hurried making her this felt crab with Chickenpocks…of course.

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Yes, lately it seems that everything I make is for my niece, Vigga. You would too if you knew her. I croched a little basket for the strawberries.

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More Yummy Cakes For Vigga


My niece, Vigga, is kind of obsessed with cakes. And in her little play oven she likes to bake cakes. So of course I had to make her some more cakes. I did make some more donuts but I have this recurrent problem with icing sugar (even the fake one). Somehow I always manage to make a mess with the icing sugar and in this case I dropped the donuts while the fake icing sugar was wet. So my niece has to settle with these felt cakes and you know what? She had fun with the cakes she got!

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