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Sew Green

I like to bring my cellphone with me when I go for my daily walks in the forest – just in case the dog should run away from me and I need to call for help. And on warm days I am not wearing any jacket with zipped pockets so I had to make myself a cellphone bag – green of course (but when I had finished it I realized that it will be difficult to find the bag in case I should loose it in the forest. Maybe I should have chosen another color? Well it was fun and easy to make, so why not make some more?!)



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These handbags are made from a Tilda pattern but they are not in Tilda style. I made them as a Christmas present for two cute little girls I know.

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I have knitted and felted these three handbags some time ago.


The purple one I have worked on while sitting on a bench

at my favourite little forest lake with a cup of tea and this beautiful view.

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I just had to make one more owl handbag.

This one is made 20 % smaller.


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