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A day at the spa

My youngest cat, Bølle, has found himself a new favourite place to relax;    

the spa!!!

And when he has finished his nap there he moves on to the next best place;

Where he only stays for a short time because the oldest cat has decided that it is HIS PLACE to relax!

The cat bed is an experiment of mine. I took a sheet and cut it into strips and crocheted a basket. The sides were too heavy and colapsed. But the cats love the experimental cat bed


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My oldest cat is not the most playful cat I know but he has a weakness: embroidery yarn/threads. I caught him stealing my embroidery yarn/threads and he totally ignored me!

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Somehow my cat found a way in to my craft closet and decided to rest on my felt! Needless to say that my felt is now very hairy!!! 

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My oldest cat spends most of his time in my bed – and I must say that I don’t like to have the cats in my bed unless I there is a bed cover on the bed. But sometimes I am not fast enough to make the bed and when Simba already is sound asleep I can’t kick him out of bed.  Yes, I know…. I am a big softie….

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My youngest cat really knows how to relax. He enjoys to be an outdoor cat again. He spends every night outside chasing mice and as soon as he has had his breakfast he is fast asleep in my bed.

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From Outdoor Cat To Indoor Cat


My two cats that are used to being outdoor cats, well they sleep indoors but have access to the outdoor 24/7. While building our new house we have rented a nice house but it is situated right next to a busy road. Therefor my cats have become indoor cats! They are not pleased with the situation but I am affraid to let them out so now they have a small patio (don’t know the right word but hope it is close enough). The patio is better than nothing though I have problems convincing the cats about that.

I play with my cat so they keep active and here is the result …. they get so tired afterwards. And they sleep most of the night – and so do we ;D



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Too Big to hide…

My youngest cat was in a playful mood and tried to hide in this shoe box. I have just bought myself a pair of walking sneakers.


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