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Vigga loves pink and everything that sparkles. And I found some sparkling fabric in one of my fabric piles and decided to make her a princess cape. She had just visited LEGOLAND and there she got a princess crown and pink princess sword and all she needed was a princess cape. Of course I had to make her one! I used all my pink and purple scraps to make it. Unfortunately I got the measurements wrong and the cape is too long for her but she loves it anyway. 

(Vigga is photograhed in her grandmothers garden)


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I finished my very first patchwork project: a patchwork beach blanket / bed spred for my niece Vigga.

I crocheted a border and unfortunately it isn’t shown on the photo so you will have to take my word for it when I say that it looks great.

I also embroidered a small childrens verse on one of the squares. Translated it goes like this: A gentle kiss, carried by the wind, softly it lands on the cheek. In Danish it rhymes! I chose that verse so she would know that when the wind gentle strokes her face it is me blowing kisses all the way from Jutland.

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I am making this patchwork blanket for my niece, Vigga. I want to add a crochet border but don’t know how to quilt it and then add the crochet border?

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Christmas Table Runner


From all the Christmas fabrics I received from a kind lady I made her this table runner. She is no longer able to make Christmas crafts herself so I thought it would be nice for her to have this table runner made from her own fabrics. It has been 11-12 years since I have sewn any patchwork and that shows if you look closer… so please don’t. Most important is that the table runner is made with love.

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