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I have finished unpacking the suitcases and as I wrote yesterday I am posting some photos from our trip to Scotland:

Love the thistle and the story of how it became Scotland’s national flower.

And the Scottish wild cat… here a kitten eating a rabbit.

A beautiful scenery at Loch Garten

The red squirrels have a healthy appetite!

More scenery … here the Grampion Mountains from a South East view.

Son and husband tired of waiting for me to finish shopping for books and souvernirs!


I will not post more photos but just say that Scotland is worth a visit.

The more private photos of friends and activities I have kept to myself and the scrapbook.


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Everytime we go on holiday I bring a small craft project. And this year was no different. I decided to crochet because it is easy to pack and do on holiday. I found a cute pattern on the internet (can’t remember where but I searced “crochet cat” and found a Japanese pattern). This is my first and last crochet toy! I am not very good at crocheting and the finish of the cat is not that good. But it is a little pink cat and it deserves a place on my blog.

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My family and I have just returned from a week-long vacation in Scotland. I love when we go to Scotland. It is so good for my soul and creativity. I wish we could live there! We arrived at Aberdeen Dyce airport and travelled towards Glenshee and the from Glenshee to Fort William where we saw the Higland Games. In Fort William we stayed at a B&B, Victoria House and the B&B lady, Linda Gall, was so friendly and everything was perfect. After Fort William we drove towards Carrbridge to stay at a very good friends house. Her name is Jane and we love her! We got to know her 6 years ago and every time we have been to Scotland we have stayed at her place for a couple of days. She has three grandsons, Tom, Eiran and Patrick, and our son, Kasper, loves to play with them. Jane is the kindest lady we have ever met. She is a true inspiration to all of us!

When I have unpacked the suitcases I will post some pictures from our trip!

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