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Crochet doll

This doll I made for a little girl (not my niece this time). I think she turned out nice. I didn’t have a pattern but just crocheted along hoping for the best.

The doll hasn’t got a name yet but I am sure that it will match her personality!

The doll brought a spring feeling into our house with her bright colours but now she is on her way to Copenhagen and I have to “settle” with the gentle spring feeling from my paper lanterns. Well I am not “settling” with anything because I love my paper lanterns that Karen Klarbæk sent me just before Christmas.

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I wanted to make my niece, Vigga, some theatre puppets (sorry about the poor photo quality but I was in a hurry to leave for Copenhagen to see Vigga’s baby sister).

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I really hate spiders but somehow all the little girls (and boys of course) love spiders. This spider is my own design and made for a special little girl in my husbands family.

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A Yellow Fairy Tent

I have made this yellow Fairy tent with crochet flowers for my niece.

(sorry about the photo being side ways)


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Red Bunting Flags

Again a little present for my niece.DSC02260

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3519595640_6ac889fa54_m[1]This is my niece Vigga. She is the cutest little girl.

And that is why I can’t stop making her stuff. The latest addition to her toy collection is these two softies (I have designed them myself).

3519654274_e9ccd7c739_m[1]This black and white cat is “Mis med de blå øjne” (The cat with the blue eyes). One of Vigga’s favorite books is “Mis med de blå øjne” and therefor I made her the main character into a softie.

3519654870_3cb2fc5546_m[1]And because Vigga really likes cats I had to make her one more cat softie.   

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