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Some time ago I made this Purple Tilda Witch but I have been a bad blogger and have just posted the photo now. I did post the photo on the Tilda Addict blog on the day of Halloween. I knitted the Tilda witch some socks but I do need a sock knitting lesson because the socks are not knitted the proper way.


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Santa is ready for Christmas

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Pink Tilda Angel

I have made more than 25 Tilda angels (this design) in various colours.

I have given most of them away as presents. I love to make this model.

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The Christmas girl waited for her boyfriend…

I made the girl the other day and then had to make her a friend.

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I made this Christmas girl from the pattern to “Sweet Country Girl”.

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just another Tilda angel











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Going to the beach

Even though it is spring the temperature in Denmark has been like summer.

It is some time that I made this beach girl but I haven’t taken her picture before now because the sunny weather inspired me. I took her picture in the shadow.

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